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China's First Lady visits Fortismere!

We were honoured and delighted to host China's First Lady, Madam Peng, as part of the State Visit. Madam Peng was treated to performances (speech, poetry, song) in Mandarin by students.

Madam Peng seemed to be very engaged by our brilliant Modern Languages team and spoke to and answered questions from the students (all in Mandarin!).   The event ran like clockwork and involved liaison between the Chinese Embassy, Chinese security, Special Branch, the Metropolitan Police and various Government Departments. 

The event was shrouded in secrecy because of concerns about security, so until the day itself, very few staff knew who our VIP guest would be. Minister of State for Education, Nick Gibb, also attended and enjoyed the opportunity to visit our wonderful school.

We have already seen various news reports about the event from around the world and it has been so exciting to be part of this moment in history!

To get a flavour of the event, please click here to see a short YouTube clip.