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Sita Brahmachari Visit

Some of our Year 7 students had a really special time with our very first Patron of Reading, Sita Brahmachari, on Tuesday 22nd May.  They talked to her about what made them angry in the news and she shared stories of her own life with them.  Sita’s Dad, who came to this country from India in 1959, even made an appearance!  We discussed respect and Otis Redding and writing in patois, and it always amazes us how much passion and knowledge our younger students have about subjects such as Windrush, Grenfell, racism, American school shootings and other things that upset them.  Sita works in the Islington refugee centre once a week and is an ambassador for Amnesty International and EmpathyLab.  Her books draw upon her experiences and are highly recommended.