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Fortismere wins £1000 for Marie Curie

The First Give final was held on 1st May. It was a wonderful event. Thank you so much for all the parents and carers who came to support their children. 10 groups of students were competing for £1000 for their charity. In total, 54 Year 7 students competed. They had to demonstrate the research they had carried, either visiting the charity or meeting with representatives of it. They had to demonstrate what their teaching group had done to support their chosen charity through raising awareness and fundraising. And they were judged on the quality of their 5 minute presentation. The professionalism and creativity of their presentations was wonderful with a range of role plays, videos and songs. In total the students had already raised more than the prize money itself!

The judges faced a very difficult decision but in the end awarded the £1,000 to Marie Curie on the basis of the incredible and moving presentation by Maeve Lock, Hannah Brown, Isabel Sigsworth and Ella Bunyon. Many of the charities had sent representatives to watch the final and support their teams. The Community Fundraiser from Marie Curie said it was great to see the passion the students showed and wanted to thank all four girls. “I was very moved by Hannah’s personal story and the song she wrote”.  

While the judges were deliberating, we were treated to four wonderful musical performances by Fortismere students: Matias Bustani Wood on piano, Jai Sharma on guitar, Irene Doukas singing and a group of Year 7 girls performing, playing and singing all together. Thank you very much to Ms. Ogilby and the music department for organising that.


Above all, I’d like to thank Ms. Massey, Ms. Arrowsmith, Ms. Paul and Ms. White, the wonderful Enrichment teachers, for supporting, arranging, encouraging and making the whole thing happen.