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Non Pratt and the Power of Stories

Our Patron of Reading, Non Pratt, made Monday 22nd January very special for a lot of Fortismere School students....

 Two Year 9 classes joined her for a session on the Power of Stories and became engrossed in discussions based around the Bechdel Test (look it up; fascinating and eye-opening).  This was followed by a very keen Year 7 class who created some amazing heroes and villains by turning them on their heads – making (for example) Captain Hook a goodie and Dora the Explorer a baddie!  Some great imagination there!  And our Year 11s astounded us with how engaged and hilarious they could be in a dialogue workshop.  Each student was Hansel or Gretel, they had different characteristics and…well, you just had to be there! 

We were also proud to celebrate the publication of Non’s latest, Second Best Friend, with representatives from Barrington Stoke at lunchtime.