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Vex Robotics: Competition Hots Up!

Fortismere's Vex competition success continues, with support from the FSA!

I am pleased to report with continued funding from the FSA, Fortismere school is now able to field 2 Vex EDR teams and 4 Vex IQ teams! 

Last Sunday 26th November 2017 the following Fortismere Robotics students; Milad Sherzad, Mabel Buxton, Joshua Hudson, James Reeves, Aaran Mitra, Oscar Dodd, Derrin Coktay, Maximillian Szczech, Robbie Buxton, Akhil Ramdany, Oliver Smith, Cameron Zeki, Lorenzo Shepherd, Tyler Adams, Rosa Scott Tatam, and Sam Poirier accompanied me to the North London Regional event hosted by Henrietta Barnet School (HBS) at the University Of Hertfordshire new Sports Village building. 

Both competitions were being held at the event, Vex IQ (KS2 and 3) and Vex EDR (KS4 and 5).  The Vex IQ event had 19 teams competing from East Barnet School, HBS, Greig City, and Welwyn Garden City Primary School.  The Vex EDR event had a total of 16 teams competing from HBS, The John Warner School, Greig City, and Queen Elizabeth School for boys. 

The day was extremely eventful and at one stage Fortismere teams were top of both the Vex IQ and Vex EDR the leader board.  The competition was very good and our highest positions on the day were third in both Vex EDR and IQ.  However, all is not lost as we will be competing in many more events, especially the event we will be hosting in SW Hall on Saturday 9th December and Saturday 16th December 2017 9am to 4pm.

If you are interested in volunteering to help out on either day or even sponsoring the event please contact Mr Yakup

For more information on the current Vex Robotics competitions see:

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Fortismere Robotics extra curricula club runs every lunchtime and Wednesday after school in S35.  If you’re interested in joining come along to find out more.