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New Patron of Reading Gets Started!

Our new Patron of Reading, Non Pratt, came to Fortismere on Tuesday 10th October, for workshops with Year 8s and Year 10s. 

Non did two workshops with Year 10 classes, working on creating dialogue in creative writing.  We had a lot of fun deciding on characteristics for Hansel and Gretel and then writing their conversations argumentatively and despairingly using different speech tags (it was trickier writing in “can’t be bothered” mode!)  One student told us that he wished they could have more exciting workshops like this one – watch this space, your wish may be granted over the next couple of years with Non.  In the afternoon, five Year 8 classes enjoyed a “Truth or Dare” session in the hall.  Lots of excitement and audience participation was involved and, without realising it, the students learnt a lot about identity, internet safety and the difference between fact and fiction.  If you would like to hear Non speaking, here she is on a recent YA panel event for the Scottish Book Trust with the legendary Melvin Burgess