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  • Year 7 Waiting for Callback…

    Published 11/07/18

    Our Year 7 Y band had a wonderful time with authors Perdita and Honor Cargill on Friday 6th July.  Perdita is an ex-barrister and Honor is in her final year at Oxford University.  This mother and daughter team kept our students captivated by talking about their writing process and how they can write collaboratively without fisticuffs (eg. “play to your strengths – Honor loves writing dialogue but can’t spell because she’s dyslexic”; “be kind in your criticism”).  They gave the students lots of top tips for writing funny stories and answered all the students’ questions in detail and with great humour.  A real credit to the authors of the fantastic Waiting for Callback series – they entertained and inspired our students during the last period on a Friday!

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  • Fortismere's Favourite book chosen!

    Published 11/07/18



    The library was packed with family and friends for our Reading Champions evening on Tuesday 3rd July.  This event was founded by author S F Said during his time as Fortismere’s Patron of Reading and we were delighted that he came back to be our chairman.  All Year 7 students have been reading books from a special list and had to present their favourites to their English groups.  A winner was then chosen to represent their class.  So much effort was put into the presentations, the passion for the books was obvious and their confident performances in front of such a huge audience were impressive and greatly appreciated.  Phoenix by SF Said (honestly, this wasn’t a fix!) was voted as Fortismere’s Favourite (well done Zaki, 7Y5).  But in our opinion, everyone was a winner (including England – yes, we made it home in time for the match!)

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  • S F Said talks about The Way…

    Published 11/07/18
    140 Year 7 students were treated to a visit from our old Patron of Reading, S F Said, on Tuesday 3rd July.  He talked to them about how he came to start writing, the effort it takes (with over 90 rejections and  7 years to get Varjak Paw re
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  • June in the Library

    Published 27/06/18
    "Fiction can achieve marvellous things, especially inside individual heads, not least when it subtly nudge-nudge-nudges the reader towards minding more, thinking more, asking questions."  Monday 18th June saw the final meeting for our
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  • Early Closure - Wed 27th June

    Published 15/06/18

    School will close early at 12:25 on Wednesday 27th June to allow tutor meetings in the afternoon with Year 6 students. Periods 1-3 are as normal. Save the day 7th July Fortitude 12-6pm

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  • Fortismere Maths Fair

    Published 25/05/18
    We were delighted to host a Maths Fair showcasing the talents and skills of 100 Year 5 students from 11 different local Primary Schools (and a few of our Year 7s). There was a wonderful buzz to all the students showing displaying an amazing range of
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  • Sita Brahmachari Visit

    Published 24/05/18
    Some of our Year 7 students had a really special time with our very first Patron of Reading, Sita Brahmachari, on Tuesday 22nd May.  They talked to her about what made them angry in the news and she shared stories of her own life with them. 
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  • Non Pratt Final Visit

    Published 15/05/18
    On Monday 14th May, our Patron of Reading Non Pratt came in for her final visit of 2017-8 (can’t believe our first year with her has gone so quickly).  I’m trying hard to make sure that as many students as possible meet her during he
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  • Yr 11 Celebration Assembly - Late Start

    Published 10/05/18
    *** LATE START - Year 11 Celebration assembly, all other years will be starting late (10am) this Friday, 10th May ***
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  • Non Pratt Patron of Reading Visit

    Published 09/05/18
    Wednesday 25th April saw the return of Non Pratt for the first of this term’s Patron of Reading visits.  Year 8s joined in with a full and frank discussion about friendship and self-confidence.  They all tittered at super-cool (not!)
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  • Fortismere wins £1000 for Marie Curie

    Published 03/05/18
    The First Give final was held on 1st May. It was a wonderful event. Thank you so much for all the parents and carers who came to support their children. 10 groups of students were competing for £1000 for their charity. In total, 54 Year 7 stude
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  • Haringey Children's Book Award

    Published 29/03/18
    On 27th March an excited group of Year 7 readers went to Heartlands High School to join students from other schools for the Haringey Children’s Book Award.  We’ve all read the six books, we all liked different ones for different reas
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