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Aims for pupils

  1. Extending the knowledge, experience and imaginative understanding of every pupil to lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning and enjoyment.

  2. Instilling an awareness of, and a respect for, moral values.

  3. Preparing pupils to become active participants in society and responsible contributors to it, capable of achieving as much independence as possible.

 Aims of the school

  1. That all pupils are of equal concern.

  2. That the curriculum should provide all pupils with insights into those attitudes, concepts, skills and bodies of knowledge compatible with the above aims of education.

  3. That all will be able to reach their full potential through the curricular and extra curricular activities of the school and that this process should be carefully monitored.

  4. That the school will promote self-discipline and empathy for others, both within the school and the wider community.

  5. That the school will welcome the involvement of parents and the local community in the life of the school.

  6. That the school will continually evaluate its practices and performance and provide adequate opportunities for staff to promote and assess their professional development.

  7. That these aims will be achieved by a free and open dialogue between the constituent groups associated with the school.