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Rhodes college

Rhodes college is a group of diverse and talented young people and their equally diverse and talented tutors.  Our college believe in making the most of opportunities and giving our all to enjoy and achieve. 

Rhodes is made up of exceptional musicians, performers, athletes and academics, as well as lovely people.  We believe in celebrating success and effort in endeavours, both in school and beyond.

Mr. Carter, Head of Rhodes college

As well as being Head of Rhodes college, I am a chemistry teacher who loves films, cooking, music and sport.  I joined Fortismere in 2009 and have managed to work with a huge number of teachers and students during that time. 

Over the last two years, Rhodes college have raised money for Cancer Research UK and more recently the Muswell Hill Soup Kitchen.  So far, we have raised nearly £4,000.

Through the Rhodes Ambassadors, our students have the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on how we do things as well as organise and arrange events to raise money and display our College’s talent.

Mr James Carter

Why do I like Rhodes?

The most important people in Rhodes are our students, so I asked them why they liked our College.

“I’ve met new friends!”                                “It sounds cool”

“It’s like being part of a family”                  “We get to be Ambassadors for our College”

“We have excellent courage & friendship”

“It’s fun.  My tutor is fun.”                                                           “Everyone sticks together”

“Everybody can work together to get things done”

“You don’t let us do what we want, but if we ask something you’ll consider it” (a year 8 student about Mr Carter)

 “We’re better than the others”


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