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Key Stage 4 (Y10 & 11)

Choosing Options

In Key Stage 4 students study up to 10 GCSEs, depending on their ability. The varied options system allows for the study of three separate sciences, as well as two languages and a range of courses, including vocational options. We have produced lots of information to help parents/carers and students make decisions about their Options:

This is the timetable for making decisions about Options in 2017. 

The  2017 Key Stage 4 Options Booklet gives students and parents/carers detailed information about Options.

This is the presentation for parents/carers, shown at January's Options Evening. It provides information about the Options process and how to choose subject areas etc.

Click this link for more information on Attainment 8.

You might like to see the list of qualifications that count for the English Baccalaureate here.


Information for Students

This presentation is to help students think about the choices they have.

We have also produced a guide about the subjects that are  currently availble to you in Year 9.

These presentations, shown to students in October 2016, provide information about new subjects available to you in Year 10.


Year 9 Options Form 

The deadline for completing the Year 9 Options Form was 23rd February 2017. Anything sent in now will be considered late.

Year 9 Options Form



Important dates for Year 10s & 11s

Year 10

Y10 Parents Evening Tue 01/11/16 Meet with subject teachers

Y10 Deep Learning Conversations

Tue 28/02/17

An opportunity to talk to tutors about the WAGs and discuss how they have settled

Year 11

Y11 Parents Evening Tue 10/01/17 A chance to talk to subject teachers

Y11 Deep Learning Conversations

Thurs 16/03/17

A chance to talk to tutors about students' reports, exams and revision plans

Important names

You may also wish to discuss Options with your child's Tutor or Head of College. For contact details, please go to our Contact Us page.