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Contacting Staff



Guidelines for parents' communications with school

Email / phone protocol

As a communication tool the phone and email are the most effective way that Parents can contact staff.


'One number one school' has operated since September. This means that parents phone the school directly to south wing and are then directed to the phone of the relevant teacher / manager and a message left.


Staff can be contacted by email by placing the initial of the teacher's first name followed by their surname and then

An example would be for the teacher Jane Blogs -  and in cases where this response is not the final resolution, an indication of further actions to be taken will be communicated. Staff will make an initial response to communication received within seven working days.



Phone / Emails / Letter 


Staff to contact

School closures
School email
Contact student in emergency
Phone school
Daily absence
Tutor/attendance line - 0208 365 4429
Problems within tutor group
Friendship issues in school
Any of the above not being resolved
Head of College
Long term absences - over one week
Head of College
Larger issues to do with year group
Head of College
Academic progress across school
Head of College
Issues with homework
Subject teacher
Issues with subject area
Subject teacher
Academic progress within subject
Head of Department
Queries within subject
Head of Department
Response to letters sent
Name at bottom of letter
Linc contracts
Head of College/Linc teachers
Bigger concerns of particular key stage
Key Stage Assistant Heads
Issues outside of school
Email school who will then direct issue to relevant Manager in charge
General information or school issue
Email school who will then direct issue to relevant Manager in charge