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Vertical Tutoring

Vertical Tutoring (VT)
We plan to introduce Vertical Tutoring (VT) to Fortismere in September 2012. It will contribute to our school vision of creating a “dynamic learning environment” In short, it entails rearranging tutor time so that groups include students from across the school community. A VT group will have about 16 students and 2 adults, (compared with 25 students and 1 adult now).  This is a fantastic opportunity to revamp the pastoral support we give to students. It has transformed many schools across the country for a number of virtuous reasons:

  • Enhances human relationships
  • Enhances creative use of data and information
  • Enhances personal curriculum
  • Enhances teaching and learning
  • Enhances care
  • Enhances leadership
  • Enhances student voice
  • Enhances academic tutorial
  • Enhances communication
  • Enhances extra-curricular activities

VT will also help us to address issues raised during the very successful Ofsted inspection last term.

Please be reassured that VT only applies to the 20 minute tutor period each day and that lessons will still be organised in year groups by mixed ability or setting, so in about half their subjects students will still be taught in their ‘original’ tutor group.


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