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Thank you to the five candidates who stood for election and to all the parents who voted.  The Governing Board is very pleased to let you know that Tessa Hauswedell and Antonia Shortall were the successful candidates and join the Board for a four-year term of office as parent governors.  

If you have any queries please contact Sam Murray (Clerk to governors) 

Candidate Statements

Tessa Hauswedell - My name is Tessa Hauswedell and my daughter has just entered year 7 at Fortismere. I have been working as a lecturer at University College London for eight years and my work at this large university has given me a good understanding of the public education sector and the challenges that it is facing: the constant threat of funding cuts and the narrowing of the curriculum, to name just a few. I can bring this understanding towards the role of a parent governor and I am especially interested in the area of curriculum development. I want to make sure that Fortismere students continue to be exposed to a broad and ambitious curriculum that supports students’ personal development and that allows them to explore individual strengths and weaknesses in a supportive environment. 

In my work, I also act as a personal tutor for students, which has given me a good understanding of the many mental health challenges that young people are facing today and about what institutions can do to support them. Especially in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, it has become apparent that there is a need for long-term strategies and investment into mental health support. I would make it my mission to make sure this becomes central to the school’s provisions.

Fortismere, I believe, has a truly unique ethos amongst London secondary schools and I would like to play my part as parent governor to ensure it continues to be a special, thriving North London school.

Antonia Shortall - I’d like to become a parent governor to support the school leadership team in helping our kids to live their best lives.  Through nobody’s fault, as the parent of a child that started secondary school during the pandemic I, like many others, have felt somewhat disconnected from Fortismere so far. I want to get involved and I believe I have the skills, experience and enthusiasm needed to make a difference.  I think the school staff has coped brilliantly with Covid - and I’m really grateful for all their efforts – but I also think some lessons could be learnt, particularly in relation to effective, clear and consistent communication.

The pandemic has also caused significant funding shortfalls for the school. From parents’ social media groups it’s clear that there are many people in our community with lots of time, energy and fundraising experience that can help bridge the gaps – I’m keen to look at ways we might join forces to make this happen.

I work for a neighbouring London borough where I’ve held various roles over 20+ years including: project management; service development; customer care; performance management; quality assurance and ICT development. My extensive local government experience has also provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the political and legislative regulations and restrictions within which any public sector organisation such as Fortismere is bound to operate.

I believe my skills, experience, enthusiasm and commitment to the role make me the ideal parent governor candidate and if I’m lucky enough to be elected I look forward to working alongside the senior leadership team, parents and the wider community to benefit of all of our children.