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Parent Forum

Fortismere School is committed to working closely with parents and carers. In order to further facilitate this happening, a Link Governor for Communications has been appointed, and a Parent Forum has been set up. Its aim is to genuinely seek, and take account of, parents' views and involve them as much as possible in life and work of the school.

Why a Parent Forum?

Students behave better and achieve more when their parents are involved in their education, according to research. Concerns can be resolved more quickly when parents have a good relationship with the school. A successful Parent Forum will foster a culture of ownership and participation amongst parents/carers, and help them better support their children’s learning.

The Governing Body have a very specific strategic role to play in the running of the school and have both legal and statutory responsibilities. Generally, the day-to-day leadership and management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher and other senior leaders employed by the school, while Governors feed into a shared vision for the school and a strategic development plan.

We feel it vital that parents have a forum where they can express their views, know that they can make a difference, and understand more about how the school operates. With this in mind, the Parent Forum will be a place for parents to learn more about the school and a place for the school to listen to parents’ views, to further communication all around.

Terms of Reference

The Parent Forum will:

  • Minute all meetings and make them available to all parents/carers on the Fortismere website.
  • Advise the school on parental views.
  • Be a forum through which the school consults parents.
  • Provide written feedback and make recommendations (this may be in relation to developing policies, procedures, protocols etc.) to the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Complement the Governing Body and the FSA, but not be a replacement for them.
  • Not be involved in financial/personnel or staffing issues.
  • Be positive, constructive and solution focused.
  • Meet at least once termly.
  • Help to ensure communication between parents and the school is the best it can be.
  • Review the impact of its work annually.
  • Review their Terms of Reference annually.

Please note that the Parent Forum is NOT the place for complaints about individual teachers, pupils, parents or individual issues, (these should be raised with the individual teacher and/or Co-Headteachers).

The Senior Leadership team will have a three-pronged approach in their response to the Forum. It will:

  1. Have regular briefings on cyclical items, such as Year 7 Welcome, eSafety, etc.
  2. Have timely briefings on news-related items, such as Fair Funding, new GCSE provision.
  3. Invite parents three times a year (or as needed) for briefings on topics brought up at the Forum.

Membership of the Parent Forum

  • Ideally, at least one named parent/carer representatives from each year group to ensure a “core group” is established. Parents to decide on elections or appointments.
  • Co-Headteachers or designated representative
  • Governors, including Link Governor for Communication
  • Any “other” parent/carer
  • The Chair of the Governing Body will have an open invitation to meetings. Other members of staff will be invited to meetings as appropriate. Any parent is welcome to attend meetings in addition to the named year representatives/core group.

Contacting the Parent Forum

If you would like further information or would like to suggest an agenda item for consideration, please email


Meetings will be chaired by an elected head of the Forum, who will be a parent/carer but not a Governor or member of school staff. Parents will be reminded (via the Newsletter) of meetings two weeks in advance and issues to be raised at the meeting forwarded to reps for the next agenda. 

Next Meeting

Next Parent Forum to Wednesday, May 23rd 2019, at 7pm