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The governing body delegates some of its work to sub-committees that focus on specific areas of the school. Sub-committees meet at least three times a year and feedback to the full governing body. There are three sub-committees: Curriculum, Resources and Admissions.

Curriculum Commitee

Ian Macaulay (Chair), Zoe Judge & Jo Davey, Pat Dugdale, Wendy Sloane, Lauren Overs, Mark Chapman, Neil Amin-Smith, Megan Hanson

The remit of the Curriculum Committee is to provide guidance to the governing body and support for the Co-Headteachers on matters relating to the curriculum and teaching and learning, including special educational needs,safeguarding matters and pastoral support . This includes reviewing and monitoring:

  • Progress and standards of achievement for all students, including vulnerable and under-achieving groups
  • The curriculum offer and the quality of teaching and learning
  • Policies related to the curriculum, behaviour, attendance and student wellbeing
  • Arrangements for safeguarding and child protection
  • Arrangements for students with special educational needs and disabilities


Resources Committee

Pat Dugdale (Chair), Zoe Judge & Jo Davey, Mark Chapman, Nigel Linton, Peter Harrington

The Resources Committee provides guidance to the governing body and support for the Co-Headteachers on all matters relating to finance, buildings and land, human resources and staff development. The work of the committee includes:

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of financial policies and procedures and ensuring the school complies with relevant financial regulations including the audit of non-public funds
  • Agreeing and reviewing the implementation and effectiveness of policies for Pay, Appraisal and Continuing Professional Development
  • Agreeing a staffing structure for the school and monitoring policies and procedures related to human resources
  • Ensuring that the school environment is safe and conducive to learning including health and safety checks, risk assessments, policy maintenance and compliance with all applicable legislation
  • Agreeing and monitoring site development, maintenance plans and contracts

Admissions Committee

Mark Chapman (Chair), Zoe Judge & Jo Davey, Pat Dugdale, Wendy Sloane

As a foundation school, the governing body is the admission authority for the school and through the work of the committee is responsible for:

  • Formulating the school’s admission arrangements for approval by the GB
  • Making recommendations to the GB in respect of matters relating to admissions
  • Making decisions on the admission of students in accordance with the arrangements
  • Carrying out any statutory consultations in relation to admission arrangements
  • Monitoring arrangements for independent admission appeals