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Changes to Assessment for 2019-20

Over the course of this academic year there will be an Assessment Review, an element of which will aim to create a system that better allows us to track students’ progress.  However, we need to put in place an interim solution for this academic year that builds on the hard work done in departments and does not require much in the way of adjustment for the staff and students.

Target calculation KS3 and KS4

As of this half term we will be changing all students targets to Fischer Family Trust (FFT) ‘very high’ estimates.  Students are given a target for Ks3 and KS4 subjects they study.  This may mean that the target grade for your child may change but will still be in the top 5% nationally in terms of progress for their ability.

  • FFT estimates use KS2 fine points scores and national subject residuals.
  • FFT estimates are based on how similar students nationally performed in the subject in the previous year (similar students are defined as those with similar prior attainment, gender and month of birth).
  • The ‘very high’ estimates compare schools that made much greater than average progress (FFT5 – in the top 5% nationally).

Target calculation KS5

Students will be given a target the A level/BTEC subjects they study at the beginning of Yr12.  Targets will be set using ALPS methodology.

  • ALPS uses the full national dataset from the previous year to set the targets
  • The minimum expected grade (MEG) that each student is taken from the 75th percentile.
  • We will adjust the grade by subject depending on the ALPS weighting system which takes in to account the outcomes for the subject nationally.



Parents will no longer be able to see all the markbooks for all the subjects  throughout the year.  Instead we will use 3 Progress Points in the year where we will require staff to ensure that there is good quality, robust information available for you in Go 4 Schools.   These Progress points will be made available to you on G4S.



Year Groups

Point Progress shared

Progress Point 1


Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13


Year11 (mock exams)


Progress Point 2

Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


Progress Point 3

Years 11 & 13


Years 7, 8, 9


Years 10 & 12 (End of Year exams)


Feedback regarding students’ progress will still continue to happen in class, at parents’ evenings and in the annual reports

KS4 and KS5

At each Progress Point you will be able to see:

  1. Progress Point (Working at Grade WAG / Current Working Grade)
  2. Predicted grade


Progress Point (Working At Grade) Definition

“The grade a student is currently performing at.  This is the grade the student would achieve if they were to be assessed on everything that they have been taught so far.”


Predicted Grade Definition

"The impression I have at this moment of this student's work, attitude, ability, skills and knowledge from all the evidence s/he has produced in and out of class, leads me to say at this stage that I would predict her/him to gain a grade X at the end of the course." 



For Yr7-9 At each Progress Point you will be able to see whether your child is working:

  1. At the expected level  of someone of their ability and age in order to meet their target’
  2. Above the expected level  of someone of their ability and age in order to meet their target’
  3. Towards the expected level  of someone of their ability and age in order to meet their target’

In Year 9 we will also inform you of your child’s Working at grade (see above), as a number of subjects will be starting to deliver GCSE content.