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Sixth Form

Fortismere has an outstanding Sixth Form with a strong focus on academic excellence.  Applications are received from a wide geographical area, mostly with a portfolio of very good GCSE results.  Students usually study four AS level subjects in Year 12 and, subsequently, four or three A2 subjects in Year 13 for the full A level award. The impressive range of subject choices attracts buoyant numbers in all the traditional A levels as well as specialist areas like Further Maths, German, Economics, etc. Academic progress is supported by a very close system of target setting and monitoring. Excellent guidance is provided for all students, as well as additional preparation for those making Oxbridge applications or preparing for BMAT and UKCAT(medical) or Law entrance exams. There is a strong focus on school leadership and on students taking responsibility for their progress. A range of extra-curricular opportunities enriches and contributes to an holistic package so that our students become confident and articulate young adults. The vast majority progress on to university and a sophisticated guidance system ensures that they are well advised in their decision making. We also offer a small number of Vocational Qualifications. A separate 6th Form online prospectus can be viewed here.

In recent years our students have progressed on to highly selective courses at notable Universities. Just a few successes are outlined below:

Cambridge Medicine, Maths, Law, Languages, Natural Sciences, Politics
Oxford English, Languages, History, PPE

Medicine, Natural Sciences, Psychology

Kings College London Medicine, Biomedical Science, English
Bristol Engineering, Civil Engineering, Music, Drama, Chemistry
 LSE Law, Economics
 Leeds Biology, Mathematics, Philosophy, English, Languages
 Manchester Environmental Science, English, Biochemistry, Sociology, Pharmacy, Economics, Engineering
 Nottingham English, Geography, History
 Birmingham Geography, Classics, Ancient History, Drama & English
 Warwick History, English
 Liverpool Medical Science, Music, English
 Sheffield Politics, English & Drama, Zoology